Pennine Shotokan Karate was opened by Sensei Fred Jones in Oldham in January 1983, where he has been the chief instructor for more than 33 years.

Shotokan Karate was founded in 1936 by the great master Gichin Funakoshi , when the first ever DOJO ( karate training hall ) was built in Japan in his honour.
In 1972 the second World Karate Championships were held in Paris, France.
Thirty two countries sent teams to compete.
Karate had experienced an expansion unprecedented in its history. Of course, this was
the work of many people and the result of various historical and cultural forces.
Many teachers were involved in karate’s emergence from obscurity, but if history is any judge Funakoshi was the most important and his school, the SHOTOKAN has certainly been the most influential karate style
The Japan Karate Association (JKA) was founded in 1949 with master Funakoshi
As its chief instructor, he held this position until he died in 1957, aged 88. From the main headquarters, all the now famous names in Shotokan Karate were sent to all parts of the world to teach our style.
In England, we still have such great names as Sensei’s Kawasoe, Asano, Kato,
Ohta and many more, all trained on the famous JKA Instructor’s course.
Also in England we have such great names as sensei Andy Sherry 9th Dan, who started training in 1959 when he was 16 years old.
Terry O’Neil 8th Dan, who pumped iron with Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Body wise, Terry looks every bit as impressive as Arnold.
Frank Brennan 7th Dan, who has broken records for his wins in National and International Championships in both Kata and Kumite.
Charles Gidley 9th Dan, who has taught in many parts of the world and is honoured with his entry in the American hall of fame.


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