About Us

Pennine Shotokan Karate was set up by Sensei Fred Jones on 3rd January 1983, at what was then
the Oldham Olympic Gymnast Club on Barry Street, Derker, Oldham.

We trained there for about one and a half years before moving to Greenacres Community Centre where we stayed for around seven years,
Then moving into the Oldham Sports Centre, on Lords Street, and now continue in the new Leisure centre.
1 Middleton Road, Oldham.

We have continued to be the #1 Martial Arts club in the borough since the 1980's

We have trained those students who have continued to a degree level of 4th Dan and students who have competed
and won in world championship events.

What one of our passed members had to say about us on Facebook:
I trained with sensei Fred Jones over twenty years ago before moving down south to Dorset. Sensei Fred Jones used to travel over 200 miles to put on courses
at the club I started to train at. All the students begged sensei Fred to move to Dorset to take over the club. The association is first class as well as expert tuition.
The only down fall is I can’t give a ten star review as it’s worth more thanĀ 5 stars thank you so much Sensei Fred Jones (Martin Dawes)



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